This page lists various security relevant links and subjects.

As a messaging SysAdmin I'm interested in a "secure" email environment.
I also need to to know where to check the actual system health of my mail servers.

What is important for a secure email environment?

- all servers need to be patched (e.g. the montly security patches need to be installed asap.)
- a file system virus scanner needs to be installed
- a email virus and spam scanner needs to be installed

Where can I check blacklists / the reputation of my mail environment / the worldwide thread activity?

Cisco offers the "Iron Port senderbase org" page to query your reputation
Other page to query for blocked ip's and domains:
SORBS (Spam an Open-Relay Blocing System):

Various Online checking tools:

Online MX Record check:
Tools to check DNS / reverse DNS ...:
Find out your public IP: What Is My IP
IPAddress Finder - Geo Location: Enter IP to look for
NSLOOKUP - (GUI): Look for DNS entries
Display DNS Records in Domain: List domain records

When you use Antivirus Products on Forefront Edge products (ISA / TMG 2010 / UAG 2010) please consider the following. There's a list of files, Folders and processes to be excluded from file based Virus scan products.

Free Scan - Online Scan, Cleaning and recovery tools:

• Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10: download (downloadable ISO to create boot CD / USB Stick) 
• McAfee Stinger:
• Kaspersky Security Scan:
• Trend Micro:
• Panda:
• Bitdefender:
• Dr. Web:

Free Virus Scanners:
(September 2014 Issue of pctipp listet the following 2 as winners  (also adware free!)

• Avast Free Antivirus:
  (Also available in german)

• Qihu 360  Internet Security:
  (chinese company - good detection! - only english)

Various Links about Junk - Spam - Viruses and other Security relevant subjects:
Microsoft Malware Protection Center

Here you can find a summary of the download links and a short description of all free Microsoft Security tools:

  The most popular of these Microsoft
security tools are:
   Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
   Microsoft Safety Scanner
   Microsoft Security Compliance Manager
   URLScan Security Tool
   Windows Defender Offline

Here you can find all Sysinternals Security relevant tools:  download

Exclusions for "file based Virus scanners" for MS Products / Features

Anti-Virus Exclusions for Hyper-V Hosts
ForeFront Edge Products
File-Level AV Scanning on
Exchange 2010
File-Level AV Scanning on
Exchange 2013