New HTML5 CSS Homepage created by VisualStudio

Nov 19

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Saturday, November 19, 2016 5:18 PM  RssIcon

For my personal webpage I use a CMS  (DNN DotNetNuke Developing HTML-CSS webpages is not my daily business! So I invested a lot of time to create a responsive  HTML5 / CSS webpage without using a template. I developed all my code in Visual Studio.

The “responsive” is new for me and was quite a challenge. Also subjects like Google Map API’s, encrypting the mailadress and multi-browser support were new to me!

Have a look at it: homepage

A few impressions:



In my daily business I work with AD, Exchange, SystemCenter and PowerShell! The only time in the last about 10 years when I had to deal with html / css was, when I produced Exchange health reports or Active Sync statistics by PowerShell.