\Windows\temp\ directory filled by “nsebin.def” files from norman scan engine updates of Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server

May 11

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Saturday, May 11, 2013 1:45 PM  RssIcon

Today I had the same problem again and looked whre these “nsebin.def” files in the Windows\temp directory come from.

I found two useful links:



The large files in the Windows\temp directory come from the Norman scan engine of  the “Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server” product.


Today in the post (second link above) a MS member informed that they are aware of this widespread issue and customers have to wait for a fix.

At the moment the only solution is

1.) to disable the Norman Scan Engine update



2.) delete these large files by a scheduled task

Get-ChildItem $env:WINDIR\temp\*.* -Include nsebin* | foreach ($_) {remove-item $_.fullname}