Monitoring The Exchange 2011 Mailbox Move Process

Mar 16

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 12:00 AM  RssIcon

In the EMC (Exchange Management Console) you get the following overview:

From every move request you get the the "Status" but when you need further details you have to double click a single entry and switch to the log - tab. There you'll see how many % are already copied.

In the "Move Request Status" row you have the following different states. The most important are in printed in green.

- Queued
- InProgress
- AutoSuspended
- CompletionInProgress
- Completing
- Completed
- CompletedWithWarning
- Suspended
- Failed

The 2 PS - cmdlets to use in the EMS are:


Get-MoveRequest [-Identity ] [-Credential ] [-DomainController ] [-Organization ] [-OrganizationalUnit ] [-ResultSize ]
 [-SortBy ] []

Get-MoveRequest [-BatchName ] [-Credential ] [-DomainController ] [-MoveStatus Queued | InProgress | AutoSuspended | CompletionInProgress | Completed | CompletedWithWarning | Suspended | Failed>] [-Offline <$true | $false>] [-Organization ] [-OrganizationalUnit arameter>] [-Protect <$true | $false>] [-RemoteHostName ] [-ResultSize ] [-SortBy ][-SourceDatabase ] [-Suspend <$true | $false>] [-SuspendWhenReadyToComplete <$true | $false>] [-TargetDatabase ] []


Get-MoveRequestStatistics -Identity [-DomainController ] [-IncludeReport meter>] []

Get-MoveRequestStatistics -MoveRequestQueue [-DomainController ] [-IncludeReport hParameter>] [-MailboxGuid ] []

Get-MoveRequestStatistics -MRSInstance [-DomainController ] [-MailboxGuid ] []


With these 2 cmdlets you get more easily more details. So you have in one column the % - of the copied mailbox items and don't need to open different windows and change tab's

To get the move-request details of a single user and display the desired rows (=properties):

In the following example you can see these properties:

• displayname
• source database
• destination(target) database
• the move - status

The following command displays the "first" 10 mailbox move requests with have a status of "completed"

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus completed -ResultSize 10 
(or to display all requests: - ResultSize unlimited)

The most interesting thing is the "Statistics" - part where you have the "PercentComplete" row. With this command you also get the size of each mailbox.

You can run this cmdlet for a single mail-enabled (first part in image below) user or pipe it from a filtered request (2nd part in the following image)

As a filter I use "sch*" which returns all mailboxes with a DisplayName starting with "sch"