How to: Exchange 2010 and Autodiscover

Feb 1

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 12:00 AM  RssIcon

That Autodiscover works correctly you need the following two things:

• for each SMTP - mail domain you need a DNS - type A - entry

for the mail domain you need the A-record "" which points to the Exchange CAS (Client Access Server)  / Array.


There is the possibility to create a SVC - record instead of the A - record. For "normal" fat Outlook clients (>= 2007 SP1) this works perfectly, but mobile devices are not able to "interprete" such a SVC - record.
(I tried this out with Android / iPhone 3 / 4 / Windows Mobile 6.5 / Windows Phone 7 and none of them was able to handle this SVC record)

• for each DNS entry (= SMTP mail domain) you also need an entry in your SSL certificate

normaly these entries are SAN's (Subject Alternative Names) in a certificate and have the same name as the DNS name in my example the certificate must contain ""