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Your Visual Studio is connected to Azure with a company account (of domain then you convert this domain to federated and the login doesn’t work any more. This article describes how to get the connection back!

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At the beginning of this November I finished the homepage for a good friend of mine. She started her Medical Massage Practicein the City of Zug.

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image You can use Windows PowerShell to turn external sharing on or off. Using the SharePoint Online Management Shell, administrators can now enforce new controls over how external users accept invitations. When enabled, the RequireAcceptingAccountMatchInvitedAccount parameter requires external users to accept invitations with the email account with which they originally received the invitation.


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In the past 2 years I worked a lot with Office 365 / Azure / Intune and all the “tools and features” which belong to it! So the time came to show my knowledge and pass one of the Office 365 exams!

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When you connect to your Office 365 tenant with the PowerShell cmdlet Connect-MsolService


you get a yellow message about a newer MSOL – module. Here I explain, how to update the current PowerShell Module.

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imageA newer “Microsoft Azure” feature is “Azure AD Connect Health”  which allows monitoring your on-premise ADFS (ActiveDirectoryFederationServices) infrastructure from the Microsoft Azure preview portal. For this you need to  install an agent on all your on-prem ADFS(+proxy) Servers.

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At the end of the Azure Active Directory Sync configuration Wizard you have a  “Synchronize your directories now” checkbox. When you have this box activated, ALL user accounts from your on premise AD are synchronized to the cloud. This article shows you, how you can select the OU’s with the user’s to synchronize first!

By André on Friday, December 19, 2014 2:01 PM
image In this second post I explain how to query or delete certificate entries from a MS CA DB. For this I wrote a PowerShell script with 4 functions. I don’t use any modules!
The only “tool” I use is the certutil.exe.
The complete script is available in this post!
By André on Thursday, December 18, 2014 10:19 AM
image When you are running a Microsoft CA / PKI infrastructure, there are a few maintenance tasks like cleaning up expired or failed certificates from the database and then shrinking your DB at the end to “cleanup” the whitespace.
This article shows you , how to do this by using my powershell script “Cleanup_MSPKI_Cert_v1.1.ps1”.